Christine Moseley

Christine Moseley

Founder & CEO of Full Harvest
San Francisco, USA
Mini Bio

An entrepreneur at heart since 17, I have founded several start-ups throughout my life, starting with a music education non-profit, Musical Empowerment, which is growing nationally 16 years later.

Diverse experience at both Fortune 100 companies (Maersk, P&G) and high-growth start-ups across operations, business development and marketing has allowed me to help significantly grow food and beverage-related businesses. In my last position, I assisted Organic Avenue, a NYC healthy food + juice start-up, to double in size as Head of Strategic Projects and Business Development.

Having always worked at companies that were #1 in their industry or market, I have 10+ years of experience learning what it takes to be the best in a market. At Maersk, the #1 global logistics conglomerate, I gained best practice operations experience and at P&G, #1 globally in marketing, I honed my marketing strategies.

I am passionate about and currently working on using technology to improve our country’s food systems, reducing wasted food, and creating supply chain innovations for more affordable healthy food products through my current company, Full Harvest. We are growing our team, so if you are interested in these areas, please reach out.

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